Career Communication Documents include simple Curriculum Vitae with a Covering Letter for an individual. The CCDs @ CXO Branding capture the full career story and is often comprised of the following deliverables:

  • CV / Brochure / Biography
  • Covering Letter / Networking Cards
  • Executive Summary
  • Leadership Addendums

Other Documents Offered include, Thank-you Letters / Follow-up Letters Writing/editing for small business owners, sales letters, job descriptions, job advertisements, press releases and more



We live in the Social Age when the profiles, work engagements, personal engagements are all possible on the go. Social Media Recruitment, Online Interviews are booming and hence we need to update to make our presence felt ourselves, both – offline & online.

Personal Branding includes working on the client’s profile positioning, highlighting the achievements, showing the growth a candidate has brought to oneself & the organizations h/she is associated with.

As a part of Personal Branding, we touch the following aspects of a profile:

  • CV /Brochure/Biography
  • Social Profiles
  • Personal Website / Page (optional)
  • Print & Publications (optional)


Personal Branding is an ever evolving phenomenon. The social space is filled with your competition; technology has removed the limitations – in terms of distance, document sharing or consultation for that matter and that is why – your Online Profiles count.

Online Profile Management includes,

Linkedin Profile Management

Linkedin is the favorite social space for recruiters and corporate heads. They scan your profiles, judge you on the social activities, the way you connect, participate in discussions is being watched when you apply for a job. A profile is also assessed on the kind of articles you post online, the pages & influencers you follow etc.

@ CXO Branding, we manage it all for you.

Social Profiles

The Social Profile Management includes managing, your blog, Linkedin profile, twitter handle and Facebook Page.

This would cover not only the aesthetics but also the content & interaction management part. For those who have a large friend circles online, we recommend – separate professional spaces.

Personal Website

A personal website is strongly recommended for leaders . People who have an experience of more than 15 years can go & summarize their CXO story online at a single address i.e., their personal website.

It can cover almost everything any corporate person, an academician or any industry contact can be interested in. A Personal Website also opens doors for – academic tie-ups, speaking opportunities, advisory and consulting roles.

So, we can say a Personal Website is not just – Growth Oriented but it is Branding ‘YOU’.


CXO Branding is the brainchild of Executive Hindsight. We are hiring leaders since 4 years and we understand – what the industry seeks.

The very idea of CXO Branding emerged after we analyzed gaps and our industry associates suggested that the gaps shall be taken care of by the recruitment consultants and here we are – modifying how you look & impress people and offering hand-holding job solutions to each one of you.

For leads, current openings and career switch – just send in your profiles to