Defining CXO Branding is not a difficult part but explaining the intent of it, is.

We are not resume writers. We are people behind CXO stories. We are no recruitment consultants, we are no image consultants, we are no job experts or counselors but – we are career definers for a simple reason; we do it all in the CXO Brand PROFILING process.We are Personal Brand Definition experts.

Over 4 years we have been finding fitments through our leadership hiring entity – Executive Hindsight. The experts at CXO Branding have been involved in multi-domain hiring for profiles ranging from CXO’s Vice Presidents, General Managers, National Heads. Having worked with the top three tiers of a corporate set-up both internally and externally, we identified the Gaps.

The Gap in what is been sought and what is been offered through the professional work-profiles, be it CV, Resume, Cover letters or Biographies for that matter.


The concept and process of executive hiring in India is undergoing a change. Corporates have become smarter in the way they recruit or sometimes hire.

The processes which were only about qualifications, skill-sets and meetings are now experiencing a boomerang effect. The HR heads are busy bridging the gaps and hence accommodating even the most experienced candidates to proven track records, technological adaptability, social media recruitment etc.

They hire for RESULTS. They need the RIGHT PERSON and the challenge is not recruiting the best but it is ROLE FITMENT. The first step still remains PROFILNG.

And here is the PROBLEM.

Resumes are not well-positioned, they don’t reflect the person behind it, and they are more about the keywords and competencies – being enlisted by the job-portals.

This is where we wanted to Bridge THE GAP, by creating POWERFUL PROFILES. We are the PERSONAL BRAND destination for Top Executives. We define your success stories and assist you GROW further in your chosen AREA of work.

Who we do it for?

We do it for CXO community and for those who aspire to reach that leadership position.

We believe a candidate’s profile should be crisp and to the point, communicating most in the minimalist way possible – through right words that detail the career achievements and track record with an astonishing but relevant visual impact. A usual CV is glanced through in 16 seconds but a CXO Profile is usually more detailed with decades of accomplishments and hard work being explained.

@CXO Branding we change your profile to a success story defined in the most compact narration with the key messages.

We create competency based and accomplishment oriented profiles. Our Global Clientele includes, Corporate Honcho’s who are already working in leadership positions in apparel, telecom, manufacturing, consumer durables, retail, IT industry etc. You can check out few featured profiles here.

@CXO Branding, we manage profiles and customize service offering as per the client requirements. We work for your next role be it technical or non-technical from a one page synopsis to biography to even lead generation. We also offer customized Personal Brand merchandise – for both online & offline purpose.

Our Online Profile Management services include, managing interactions and thereby making profiles visible on social forums, business events etc.


“It was a pleasure working with the people at CXO Branding. I am extremely happy with their work. I am sure they will have many success stories in the years ahead! “

Confidential: IT Sales & Project Management Professional; Singapore

“My experience with Mahesh of CXO Branding has exceeded my very high expectations. I appreciate the attention to detail; the ability to profile my career & compile my past and current career experiences into a wonderful summary & biography.

I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for these types of services”.

Confidential: Group Head – Marketing & Product Planning | Consumer Durables |,

“Mahesh’s interactive skills and patience helps in creating individual brand value by probing and restructuring resume in unbelievable way”.

Confidential: Confidential: Group CIO with experience in Telecom , Healthcare & Logistics,